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The Divine Comedy: Dante’s Journey to Freedom


Frank Ambrosio




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Become familiar with the theory and practice of “Contemplative Reading” that constitutes one of the principal structural dynamics of Liberal Arts education Be able to apply the general practice of “Contemplative Reading” to Dante’s Divine Comedy Demonstrate in-depth and relatively advanced familiarity with and knowledge of Dante’s Divine Comedy , an epic poem of the highest cultural significance Begin to articulate for yourself your own personal convictions in response to reflection questions about human dignity, freedom, and responsibility with which the Divine Comedy inevitably confronts its readers Engage with the most fundamental goal of Liberal education, promoting the universal dignity of personhood Become acquainted with the specific contributions the Christian, Catholic and Jesuit traditions of Georgetown University bring to the promotion of human dignity As a self-paced course, the primary goal is to give you the opportunity to explore Dante's poem as fully as their interest and time allows. A minimal expectation for an initial, basic comprehension of the material and successful completion of the self-assessment process would be approximately 75 hours for this complete course.


Frank Ambrosio|Francesco Ciabattoni|Jo Ann Moran Cruz

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