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Shaping Work of the Future


Thomas Kochan




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A historical perspective and overview of work and employment policy in the United States and around the world How the roles of firms, employees, and public policy have changed and created the labor market we see today The status of the current labor market in more detail: What does it look like? What types of jobs do we have, and what skills are required? What are emerging trends in how firms organize work, and in the role of labor market institutions such as unions? How emerging technologies are transforming the nature of human work and skills needed, and how we can shape technology innovation to augment human potential. Ways that the government and other civic institutions can ensure that the gains from emerging innovations contribute to equality of opportunity, social inclusion, and shared prosperity. Resources and tools you can use to plan your own career paths in the workplaces of the future - those of the next generation.


Thomas Kochan|Barbara Dyer|Elisabeth Reynolds

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