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Circular Fashion: Design, Science and Value in a Sustainable Clothing Industry

Teacher Louise O. Fresco




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1. The difference between sustainability & circularity Constructing identity through consumption The difference between eco to ego in fashion Design for circularity Reflect on design thinking 2. Ecosystem circularity Individual agency and organic collectives in fashion Critique small-scale solutions Ecosystems in nature Challenge of governing the transition towards circularity from outsourcing countries 3. Closing the loop in fashion The complexity of textiles Challenges and opportunities of textile recycling Understand the loop of organic- and synthetic textiles Challenge of textile blends Design for recycling and disassembly 4. Biobased innovation and new materialism Learn about future raw materials New production processes Production capacity, automation and upscaling Forecasting biomaterials in fashion Debating fast fashion and online marketing 5. Business as crafting value Circular business modelling Circular business in second hand clothing market Learn about a new economic paradigm Understand investment and acceleration Insight into blockchain How blockchain can be used for transparency in the fashion value chain Understand fashion from a retail perspective E-commerce and circular retail models

Instructors Louise O. Fresco|Dr. Kim Poldner|Dr. Nishant Shah

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