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Circular Economy for a Sustainable Built Environment


Tillmann Klein




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6 Weeks

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At the end of the course you will be able to: Recognize the principles of circularity and their application to the built environment Identify the scales of the built environment from materials and products to cities and regions Identify the life-cycle phases of building products and how they can be circular Discuss design principles in building of products and key aspects such as stakeholders, incentives, time-frames, business models Discuss the circular design and development approach for buildings and recognize the impact of a building on society and the environment during its life-cycle Recognize the flows at different city scales and how they differ depending on the actors and the local context Reflect on the complexity and variety of possible circular solutions in terms of energy, water and waste management Analyze and map the different stages and value webs of building materials at the regional level Reflect on possible environmental impacts of the different building life-cycle stages and activities along the value web Explore the potential of intervening to steer the value web towards more circularity


Tillmann Klein|Marcel Bilow|Arnout Sabbe

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