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A-level Mathematics for Year 13 – Course 1: Functions, Sequences and Series, and Numerical Methods


Philip Ramsden





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By the end of this course, you'll be able to: Define a mapping and a function Define the domain and range for a function Combine functions to create a composite function Find the inverse of a function Define a sequence using an nth term formula and an inductive definition Define an arithmetic and a geometric sequence Use sigma notation to define a series Expand a binomial expression for both a positive integer index and for an index which is not a positive integer Use radians as a measure of angle Find arc lengths, areas of sectors and areas of segments on circles where angles are in radians Use small angle approximations for sine, cosine and tangent functions Find multiple solutions to trigonometric equations Use the reciprocal trigonometric functions Use the inverse trigonometrical functions Use trigonometrical identities Derive and use the trapezium rule to find the area under a curve Approximate the root of an equation using a sign change method Approximate the root of an equation using the Newton-Raphson method Approximate the root of an equation by fixed point iteration


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